June 11 “Coincidence”


I’ve alluded to more “coincidences” seen in the final days of writing my new crime mystery, added to the very noticeable one about there being pipes printed on that tie in Holiday Inn. Three days before I saw the tie and was amazed at its connection to a significant plot element of my novel, I came across something equally surprising.

On June 11 I drafted a note to enclose with a copy of my book* of prayers for women, published several years ago. In the note, I suggested, “Flip to today’s date or your own birthday – who knows but there may be a timely message for you that God planned ahead of time, when this book was being written.”

If that sounds a tad presumptuous (and it may be), it might make you feel better to know that I haven’t sent the note yet. It’s still in draft form. But why would I write that suggestion so boldly?

Because various readers of Pause: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Women* over the years have told me they were “blown away” by how a topic placed on a certain date spoke clearly to a specific need on that date. Those testimonials (along with one of my own, which you will read about in a moment) tell me that there is wisdom in God’s timing that we cannot predict, or plan for (except in faith, without knowing details), or even fully appreciate. 

On June 11, the day I was writing the note mentioned above, I followed my own advice and flipped to June 11 in the book. In the context of a prayer of frustration that “God has not corrected the problems I’ve prayed so hard about,” I included on that date a reference to the verse that appears in the Bible first in Deuteronomy 31:6 and again in Hebrews 13:5: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” In the prayer dated June 11 I have phrased it as a direct statement to God, “You have promised never to leave us or forsake us.”

Picture my jaw dropping again, the way it did when I saw the pipes on Bing’s tie. “I will never leave you nor forsake you” is the very Bible verse – the only Bible verse – that connects importantly to someone’s experience in my novel. Just trust me on this one – when the book is published and you read it, you’ll learn why one of the characters winds up needing the reassurance contained in those words!

Coincidence? Providence? Well, I choose to believe this experience was no accident. To whom was I composing that note on June 11 when I discovered this remarkable example of providential timing? Someone who may eventually evaluate my novel. I thought that having my first book in hand would give a more complete picture of me as an author and of my motivations for writing.

On the heels of this post, I’m going to go ahead with “coincidence” number three, which has to do with The Six Million Dollar Man. I hope you’ll catch that one and tell a friend about it.

Coming up after that: the shortest e-devotional I’ve ever written. It’s new, and it’s the “Jesus wept” of my collection – in length, that is. (And it has nothing to do with my novel.) Watch for it!

*Pause: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Women consists of short prayers, one for each day of the year, organized by monthly themes and a subject index.

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