Lee (Majors?)

The main character in the novel I’ve just finished writing is a woman named Joan – no connection to anyone in real life, either in name or in personality, including myself. In fact, Joan inspires me in several ways to be a better person than I am!

(Have I mentioned that choosing names is a lot of fun? There are websites with lists of names that were popular in different decades, including origins and meanings. Way too much fun!)

Joan’s husband is named Lee. Again, no connection to anyone I know personally, but, as a tribute to my childhood and teenage television interests, I’ll suggest that this could’ve been inspired by actor Lee Majors (even though in the book I have Joan comparing her husband’s physique to that of a different actor from the same era). What can I say? There are two or three things in my novel that will resonate especially well with that giant buying market, the Baby Boomers. (And their children.)

The “coincidence” part of this is that on the same day I saw the tie on Holiday Inn, “Murder, She Wrote” was on Hallmark Channel when I first turned the television on. In the episode, a gray-haired gentleman rancher was trying to spark Jessica Fletcher’s romantic interest. In the script, the man’s first name was Lee – same as my book character. Find out more interesting things about “Lee” in that TV episode, including that the big-name actor was uncredited. Surprising!

The next and final item in this series of coincidences has to do with what happened in North Carolina four years (almost to the day) before my novel manuscript was finished. I hope you’ll return for that post and bring a friend with you.

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