Month: August 2016

31st Olympiad: inspiring and sobering

With my family, I enjoyed watching TV coverage of the competition, victories, anxious moments, medal ceremonies, and background stories on many athletes representing the U.S. and other nations. My husband, a former high school and college sprinter and hurdler, told me that a certain Olympic runner for Great Britain (who looks to me as though he’s from Africa) lives in the United States. It all gets very eclectic and melting pot – which is one of the clearest messages portrayed in advertising during the games and, of course, in the games themselves.

I am sad over the scandal of Ryan Lochte and companions, and I surely hope many people of all ages get the message that going out “partying” and drinking is very foolish and risky, indeed, and is a habit best given up. Period. Did you find the pun I used intentionally in this article’s title, where I originally wrote “inspiring and disturbing”?

Michael “Mikey” Brannigan, 19, the Paralympic runner with autism, said, “Find a hobby you love and stick with it.” As a hopeful novelist – who, in that pursuit, often has work periods when a second great love, knitting, gets set aside – I find a monumental reminder in Brannigan’s advice! These pursuits, both authorship and knitting, presently are hobbies for me. So far, I’m in that protected place where I am not obligated by strict completion deadlines in either avocation (other than self-imposed goals). And I do love both hobbies. That’s why you often see me busy at one or at the other.

For athletes and for hopefuls in any field, the message has been coming down for a long time, including from classic DCOMs* like Brink and Doubleteamed: Stick with your passion as long as it makes you happy. Whether it ever earns a living for you or brings you competitive victories is secondary. Of course, the happy fallout of this approach is that passion typically fuels excellence, and excellence frequently attracts interest, customers, and even trophies.

Love and enjoy the process. That doesn’t mean not dedicating long hours and hard work. If you take a look at my other blog page, Long Tail and Short Tales, you will find pictures depicting long hours and hard work toward knitting, my hobby that is a true happy place. And, when A Stranger’s Promise and its sequel, The Wrong Type of Love, get into print and you read them, you will find several years’ hard work that brought me considerable pleasure. Please like Books by Betsy Lowery on Facebook and follow my trail to market!

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

*DCOM, Disney Channel original movie