About Betsy Lowery & Called-Out Life


I am Betsy Lowery: wife, mother, knitter, preacher’s daughter, seminary grad, retired church employee, North Carolina native, and author of three books about living with faith in God as a response to His faithfulness to us.

When God called me into Christian ministry, only He knew the path ahead – a seminary degree in Christian Education, moving to Alabama (where I’d never set foot before) to start my adult life as an employee at Woman’s Missionary Union national office, starting a family, transitioning to church staff support work and developing a personal ministry of writing.

My first book, Pause: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Women, though out of print, is still available for purchase online. Eleven years after it was published, I completed my first novel and then a sequel. Both books were released in January 2019.

When I need a break from writing, I get my knitting out. (And vice versa.) I’ve knitted everything from sweaters and skirts to mop covers and Christmas ornaments, and I love trying new patterns (or inventing them…as in the gray rope scarf I’m wearing in my photo above) as well as coaching and encouraging newer knitters. I am a proud, active member of Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild and even wound up being the group’s newsletter editor for 2018 and 2019. Follow my knitting adventures on Instagram (@theknittinghour) and at Long Tail and Short Tales.

A confirmed morning person, I have spent many years driven (*PUN ALERT*) to leave home ahead of most traffic in order to start the day with quiet time at work…or at Panera Bread, where knitting or writing over breakfast is ideal in an atmosphere with just enough background noise.

Having served in Baptist ministry since 1985, I wrote and designed website, social media, and newsletter content for Vestavia Hills Baptist Church from 2008 until 2019, when led to retire from full-time employment outside the home. My church is Dawson Memorial. I have had articles published in Baptist literature, and my full-length script, Look At My Son (a dramedy about two angels on earth, “Mary” and “Joe,” and titled according to the central piece of music presented), was produced as a Christmas pageant at First Baptist Church of Pelham.

My books

Pause: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Women (2004, Revell) – a brief prayer for each day of the year

A Stranger’s Promise – A curious tourist finds herself way off the beaten track – and in over her head!

No Doubt It’s Love – A handsome young musician and his fiancée face unexpected opposition – from very different sources! (sequel to A Stranger’s Promise)

Read more about A Stranger’s Promise and No Doubt It’s Love, a two-part southern fiction series centering on Joan Ryan and her son’s trip to the altar, on Books by Betsy Lowery, a Facebook page. There’s a lot of prayer and ministry “stuff” going on under the surface of authorship for me. Themes and challenges in my novels reflect this fact, and I hope you will discover some of that and share it with a friend.

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3 thoughts on “About Betsy Lowery & Called-Out Life

  1. Hi Betsy!
    This is Peggy Lee Maye one of your ’82 classmates! I am sitting in my driveway now in my car reading the Mars Hill alumni magazine and saw your name in the “Class Notes” that read I could find you on your blog! It was so fun to read about your old memories on the clogging team at good ‘ol Mars Hill College! I also enjoyed seeing pictures of your sweet family and all the things you are doing.
    Back in the summer I connected with Rebecca Adams Roesch and had such a good time talking about the good old days on the Hill. Her sweet daddy passed away and we were able to cry together on the phone like we used to.
    I simply wanted to say hello from Charlotte, NC and from an old grad (I do feel old some days! ha!) and God bless you for writing books and blogs for His Glory. Please write back if you have the time old friend!


    1. Peggy, your message is such a happy surprise. Thank you so much for taking the time to make contact. All my dad’s family lived in the Charlotte area, and several are still living there. And my niece’s husband’s family is there, too. Every time we drive through that area, I watch the sky for airplanes as we get closer to Billy Graham Parkway. (easily amused) Doesn’t Rebecca have a sister/twin? I do appreciate your kind words, support, and especially your prayers as I continue to work on getting my first novel accepted and a sequel written. It is a very involved but energizing creative process, and I am learning how much there is to learn! Please connect with me if you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (@hiyabets)


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